Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10 Hateables

Ok, this strays from football, but I think is interesting enough to warrant a look

The 10 most hateable football teams in the NFL.....
Without reading the article, just 10 off the top of my head

1. Redskins - obviously, Snyder is just so hateable, plus their free agent bonanzas
2. Raiders - Al Davis, what a prick.
3. Cowboys - I hate Parcells and Jerry Jones, hate them and even though I am a 'skins fan, I don't think I'm alone in this sentiment.
4. St. Louis - This one may just be me, but I hate Mike Martz, and I start to dislike teams that can never play D, so this qualifies.
5. Indy - I respect, but dislike Manning for choking so much. Also the lack of D is annoying.
6. Denver - Chop blocks and their moves in FA make them somewhat resentable.
7. Philly - What a bunch of awful fans, booing McNabb and now this TO business. Although Andy Reid did boot him today which is great.
8. Can I put the Cowboys 2x? Miami - For letting Ricky back, for being incapable of playing interesting football since Marino retired, for never quite being clutch enough.
9/10. Pitt and Seattle, I dunno, I just don't like either of these teams, no reason. I'm out of hate. I'm fairly neutral on the rest of the teams.

Let's see if fox agrees with me, off to read the article......

5/10 isn't bad on their part.


It was nice to see some MNF even if both of the teams sucked last year. Admittedly, I was playing a video game on my laptop while watching so I didn't glean much from it, but my initial thoughts....

1. Ricky Williams looks crappy
2. Where the hell are Cedric Benson and Ronnie Brown?
3. Thomas Jones didn't look half bad all things considered.
4. Sammy Morris was hilarious with his celebrations after 5 yard runs.
5. Rex Grossman's wife is not starting-NFL-QB-token-wife hot.
6. #80 on the Bears has a real good connection with Chad Hutchinson.
7. Both these teams border on ineptitude on offense.
8. Both these teams look like they will be pretty decent on D, the Bears especially surprised me with tons of blitzes, did they do that last year?
9. All the Miami quarterbacks look equally crappy. They all have this Drew Bledsoe, I WILL hold onto the ball until I get sacked mentality.
10. Madden is still a stammering idiot.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

SI's top 15 bladow....

I hate Sports Illustrated and I hate it when they try to analyze football. Dr. Z is an idiot, and all their fantasy picks always bug me. Does Dr. Z even write any more for them? Anyways, I stumbled across this and found it worth analyzing even if I don't agree with it.....

So, going down 15 breakout players in order..... given by them
Stephen Jackson - The #1 GODDAMN PLAYER! Christ. Are they on crack? He is still splitting carries with an f-ing legend. He may rush for 1000 and catch a few balls, but seriously, in Martz's pass heavy offense and splitting carries, will he really have a breakout fantasy season?

Antawn Randle-El - #2? Seriously? Steelers love the run, Burress put up ok numbers, but I feel like he was more hype than anything else. I can see him doing pretty well, but certainly not a huge breakout. I feel like this guy is always drafted by somebody real late anyways.

Lamont Jordan - yes Yes YES - I agree. This guy has the potential to breakout, IF, and only if, the Raiders don't get behind so early and have to pass all game.

Lee Evans - #4, um, yea, who is throwing to this guy again? Moulds is aging and with an unproven QB, this guy is worth taking a flyer on... but #4? SI is a bunch of idiots.

Julius Jones - Yes, this guy will have a big 2005 if he is healthy. Why is he #5 and not #1?

Keary Colbert?!?!?!?!? - This article comes out 1 week after Rod Gardner was traded for. SI, you suck!

Kevin Jones - Yup, big 2005, no argument. I think SI has 2 different writers, one for the RBs and 1 for the WRs. The WRs one sucks.

Jeb Putzier - TE Broncos - No idea. I hadn't really looked at this guy, but how can I get that excited when I see stuff like this -

The Denver Post is reporting that veteran tight end Stephen Alexander has an edge over fourth-year tight end Jeb Putzier in the battle for a starting spot. Alexander signed a three-year deal this offseason worth $4.2 million and has reportedly demonstrated a more complete skills set in training camp. Putzier, best known for his receiving, also received a new contract which will pay him $12.5 million over five years

I'm guessing the WR writer is also the TE writer.

Nate Burleson - Hey Hey, they finally got a wideout right!

JP Losman - Christ. They play in artic Buffalo. They play tough defenses all year. I don't see this one working out.

Doug Jolley - No Clue. Isn't this guy 180000 years old? The article says that new Raiders O coordinator loved TEs in TENN. Who was the TE in Tenn for the last 3-4 years? I don't know. Certainly not good enough to register on my radar. Was it that old guy from MD? Wycheck? I forget how his numbers were. I think they had Elron Kinney last year with a rookie from one of the Florida schools behind him. Hmmm, on second thought, this may be worth a look given how much attention the Raiders WRs will get.....

Tyrone Callico - Eh. I like Drew Bennett more, I guess he already broke out though....

?!?!?! Deshaun Foster - see previous blog. SI sucks.

Drew Bennet - I was wondering about this 2 minutes ago.... I love this guy if Volek plays. Isn't TENN supposed to suck this year? That could be good for garbage points and yards.....

Kevin Curtis - Everybody loves this guy. I don't. This isn't Brandon Stokely here. Here is what goes through Bulger's head. Tory Tory Tory Tory Tory Tory Issac? Tory Tory Tory Marshall

In conclusion, if SI wanted me to go head to head with their writers in a fantasy league I would do it in an instant.

If I had to choose breakout players not listed above I would sooner go with
JJ Arrington

Santanna Moss
Eric Parker
Brandon Lloyd

Monday, August 01, 2005

Broncos RBs

We KNOW somebody is gonna tear it up, how can they not? Albeit the line is aging and probably won't give quite the same returns as usual, I think whoever they start will do awesome against anybody that isn't the Colts (mainly b/c they go down by so much early, that they can't run it).

Without further ado....
Quentin Griffin - Small, fast, Sander-esque on reputation alone.... I can't explain it, I just have a pit in my stomach when I think about drafting him... I bet he will put up yards and get his TDs stolen by a bigger back.... That and the fact that he didn't do crap to win the starting job when it was basically handed to him at the beginning of last season.

Tatum Bell - A bigger version of Griffin. Probably the leading candidate, but I just don't see it from this guy. I think I'd probably draft him if anybody b/c somebody has to rush for 1000 yds in this offense. I would use a late rounder on him.

Mike Anderson - Yea, um, he didn't play last season. A bigger back, who I think if given the starting role and assuming he is fully healed, could put up good, but not great numbers. I'm not sure what he will bring, probably 5-8 carries a game and not much else.

Maurice Clarett - Ok, slow and hasn't played for 2 years. I don't think he will get the carries for another year if ever. Not worth a pick.

Ron Dayne - I wouldn't draft him with your team.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Panthers!?!?!!!!

Originally slated to be just Panther's RBs, but since they just traded for former Redskin Rod Gardner, I decided, what the hey, I'll do everybody(except Delhomme, no QBs yet for me)!

So without furhter ado......

Starter - DeShaun Foster sure was awesome 2 years ago filling in for Stephen Davis, then he decided to break his clavicle in his 5th game and didn't do so much after that.... This guy can play though, great receiver, great runner who hits the corner well. I like the Panther's run attack and feel like he could put up good numbers, but I'm wary of the depth behind him and that he always seems to be banged up..... I'd use a mid-round pick on this guy, but only if I were real short on RBs....... I don't expect a huge season from him.

Bench Spot #1 - Nick Goings - Did great last year with no expectations... Saved some fantasy team's seasons.... I like this guy for what he did for me last year, but they just aren't enough carries to go around..... He will start this season where he did last season, on the FA market.

Bench Spot #2 - Stephen Davis - Injured. Always f-ing injured. Not worth the time. I loved him on the Skins. I'm amazed he is still playing. Reminds me of Terrell Davis in how fragile he is.

Bench Spot #3 - Eric Shelton - 2nd Round Pick. Like the others, not gonna do much this year until an injury happens. I'd keep an eye on him if Foster goes down and Davis is still PUP.

Bench Spot #4 - Rod Smart - I like joke draft picks as much as the next guy, but I reserve those for baseball, this guy isn't even worth the most insignificant pick.

Steve Smith - I love this guy. What a bastard, attacking teammates, taunting after every first down. I love it. I think the general consensus is that he will be the straight dope this year. I like him, but I just don't see it. I think another 1000 YD, 75 catch, 7 TD season is realistic, but I just feel like more than that would be pushing it. Only 5 100 yd games in his last 2 full seasons.... I would take him as a #2 receiver though.....

Rod Gardner - Will post similar #s to Smith I think, with some deep balls going his way. Maybe a better per catch average and less catches. This guy drops a lot and only seems to show up for half of the games. I can't believe Carolina gave the Skins a draft pick for him. He was as good as CUT.

Keary Colbert - Similar to last year, I think 3-4 catches for 40-50 yards will be in order per game with the occasional TD. FA here he comes.

Is Jake Delhomme even aware that he has TEs? Carolina never uses them. Freddie Jones, Kris Magnum, Tootie Potts, who cares, not gonna be on my team.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lions WRs

So alluring, yet so annoying. The Lions really are being inconsiderate with these last 3 first round draft picks. So without further ado, my thoughts......

Roy Williams - 6'2", 24. Had a good rookie season, 50+ catches, 800+ yds, 8 TDs. Inconsistent as far as points go, he had a good week 1, great weeks 2 and 3 and then 8 straight weeks under 70 yds receiving with only 1 TD to boot. I think those were just growing pains and that he is the real deal. Too bad there is so much other WR talent, if it were the same as last year I'd take him fairly early on, but as it is now, I'd take him in the later part of the middle rounds.

Charles Rogers - 6'4", 24 and feelin' good says the Detroit Press. He looked like the next coming of Randy Moss in 2003 until his injury, then was injured again all last season. I'd say on talent alone he blows both Williams out of the water, but as a proud Rogers owner last year I'm now wary of his collect-a-paycheck-without-playing-a-down tactics. I think if he can stay healthy he will be the Lions #2 WR and probably take over as Harrington's favorite target. I'm guessing a decent season, but nothing to use more than a late pick on.

Mike Williams - 6'5", 21. Hasn't played in a year and a half, but he did open heads with his speed workout at the combine. He didn't have ridiculous speed or anything, but just did better than they thought he would. IMO he should have, he had a freakin' year to prepare for it. Anyways, this guy did some ridiculous stuff at USC, I expect him to have serious growing pains, especially being the 4th or 5th option in this offense. I don't expect him to be anything more than a redzone jump ball guy this year. That said, I'd waste a real real late pick on him.....

In summary, if you couldn't tell, I'm very scared of this Lions WR corps. Harrington can occasionally put up numbers and somebody has to get the catches. They just have too many big bodies. Add in the emergence of Kevin Jones and I just don't think there are enough touches to go around to use any pick of significance on anybody except maybe Roy Williams. I will probably just avoid these players unless I'm left with no other options so I don't have to deal with the weekly headache of whether or not to start one of them.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Rookie RBs

RBs are the backbone of many fantasy teams, year after year RBs are taken in the first round and much speculation is given to their actual fantasy value..... Here are my current thoughts on RBs that could be of any worth this season.... Round means the round I would take them in a 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def league.
  • Ronnie Brown, pick #2 Dophins - Brown is a big, fast back who can catch. Given the division the Dolphins play in, their horrible QB situation and their running woes last year, I would be expecting a mediocre year from Brown by fantasy standards. Add in Ricky Williams's return and I am going to stay away from this guy as anything except a backup RB. Round - 9
  • Cedric Benson, pick #4 Bears - Another big fast back who can catch from Texas. I wonder if he will be as flakey as Williams? Bears suffered last year with tons of injuries. I would expect them to ride Benson as their only real offensive weapon when it gets cold. Muhammad is past his prime and seriously, is Grossman going to get it done this year? I am expecting some good games from Benson after a few mediocre ones. Round - 4/5
  • Carnell Williams, pick #5 Tampa - A smaller weaker big fast guy apparently. For this I will look no further than at what previous RBs in Tampa have done.... tease. I don't like the way they play and I don't think Cadillac will either. Round - 7
  • JJ Arrington, pick #44 Arizona - Small, quick and fast and good to go. I like this guy, probably b/c he has no real competition in the backfield, but also because I think the Cards will turn a little bit of a corner this year with their offense. The D will still be miserable, but their division is so weak that I think Arrington could pick up some good yards, I have concern around the end zone..... Round 6


Just giving you my thoughts on current NFL related matters, mostly fantasy, sometimes real life, hopefully I'll reserve my Redskins rants.